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A Special Message From Pastor Goudeaux to You:

If the “A Father’s Heart” broadcast is helping you, then you need to be a part of it. Help us to get it out to more people.  If it is vital to you; if it means anything to you, then I’m asking you to be a partner with us. Your love, your prayers, and your gifts mean a lot to me and help me fulfill what God has called me to do, and that is to be able to reach people, to help make a difference in people’s lives.

I believe God has an anointing on my life to make a difference to this nation and the world. Only you can make a difference in your area of partnership with me to help me to do that. Will you please consider that? Pray about that, and then, if God speaks to you about doing it, will you act upon that?

Do you know not one day goes by that I don’t pray for my partners? I pray for my partners all the time. I pray for your protection, for your prosperity, for your health, I pray for God’s greater blessings upon your life because I need you and I want you to stay connected with me. If you’re not a partner, come on, get connected, and I’ll believe God for his greater blessings in every area of your life, in Jesus name!

Love you,

Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux

Our  commitment to Partners:

In acknowledgement and appreciation of our partners, PGM will provide:

  • Prayer for protection, health, and God’s blessing on your life
  • Special  access to messages from Dr. Goudeaux 
  • Privileged correspondences
  • 10% Credit toward PGIM purchases

Based on your choice of partnership options, you will have access to downloadable messages from Dr. Goudeaux and will be the first to hear about new resources and message series.


Partnership Opportunities: 

  • Ground Breaking Partner $10 / Month Commitment     

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  • Seed Sowing Partner - $25 / Month Commitment     

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  • Cultivating Partner – $50 / Month Commitment

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  • Harvest Partner – $75 / Month Commitment

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  • Preservation Partner – $100 / Month Commitment

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